Mary Lou Jimenez


Mary Lou Jimenez
Ad Majorem Gloriam (For Greater Glory)

On August 26 th , 1947 in Cavite, Philippines, Mary Lou Jimenez, affectionately known as Mama, Até Mae and Mama Mae by her loved ones, entered this world. This day would mark the beginning of a life filled with love, family and selfless sacrifice. She was the eldest of five siblings. Her father was a Navy Chief Hospital Corpsman and worked with the Kennedys and her mother was an athlete and adventurer.

Early on in her life, Mary Lou took on the role of caretaker. She watched over her family and her friends fearlessly, and welcomed anyone and everyone into her life. Always one to encourage others to chase their dreams, she fed the passion and dreams of those around her with persistent encouragement, a big hug and a warm smile.

She met the love of her life, Danilo “Santy” Jimenez, while attending college. During this time, her first child was born. She graduated from the University of Santo Thomas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Education. During the pregnancy of her fourth child, she went on to get her Master’s Degree in Literature at Saint Louis University.

Always one who had a flare for drama and the arts, Mary Lou went on to become a teacher in literature, drama and physical education. She did all this while raising five children. Eventually, Mary Lou and Santy decided to move their family of seven to America. They arrived in Los Angeles 31 years ago, and have since spread their roots far and wide. After immigrating to America, she opened up her own business -- an adult family home. For nearly 25 years, she
cared for the elderly and developmentally different. Serving those in need was her greatest passion and her life’s work.

Mary Lou was relentlessly selfless. She loved unconditionally and taught her family the value of a simple life filled with memories made with family, cemented in love. She passed away surrounded by her entire family on November 22 nd , 2019 in Seattle, WA. Mary Lou is survived by her husband Santy; three of her siblings, Judy, Gretchen and Virginia; all five of her children, Geraldine, Christine, Danilo Jr., Katherine and Daniel; her seven grandchildren, Danielle, Danica, Cameron, Tai, Amelie, Elijah and Miles; and loving in-laws, Allan, Peter, Letty and Darren.

Requiescat In Pace (Rest In Peace)