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Hebrews 9:27

States clearly and gently that each and every one of us will die.  We will lay this earthly body to rest and if our hope is placed in Jesus, we will join him in heaven for eternity.


The Chapel

The Chapel was built and designed to be a place of rest and beauty for the living and the dead.  With hope-filled paintings and heavenly stained glass windows, your mind and heart are instantly drawn to the eternal.There are many wonderful reasons to choose the Chapel of the Resurrection and here are a few that others have stated.

About Us

After we are gone

"We want our loved ones, whenever they remember our burial or visit our grave, to find comfort and assurance in our absolute certainty of heaven."

"With the steady increase in costs, we want to buy now before future costs make burial a burden."

"We want to make decisions under relaxed circumstances, free from the emotional distress of waiting until it is needed."

"We want to spare our families the difficult decisions and circumstances of having to deal with all the issues of burial at the time of need."

"We can avoid the inclination toward emotional overspending as a result of sorrow or grief."

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