Christina Adair Nellie Lybecker


Christina Adair Nellie Lybecker was born in Seattle Washington on September 19, 1975, the only daughter of Jane Yeaton Lybecker and Dewey Lybecker. She lived her whole life in the Seattle area, but her love of travel took her all over the world. 

Christine was always a successful student, with a bright mind. She attended St Mathew Catholic School, Nathan Hale and Shoreline High Schools, and Shoreline Community College for a Fashion Certificate. She loved to design clothes, and was creative in many other ways as well, including poetry. In 2012 she obtained a BA in Social Services with a business minor, from WA State University. 

Christina worked in a thrift store when she was 16, to pay for her car insurance. At 18 she began working at Marshals, where said she learned how to shop, something she excelled at ever after. She next worked in the fine jewelry department at Penney’s, where her love of gemstones and gold turned into an impressive jewelry collection. Her career goal at that time was to work at Microsoft, and once she set her mind to a goal no one could stop her. She started as an administrative assistant and rose to project manager. Her next job was at Amazon, where she loved the fast-paced environment and felt as if she was part of changing the world. Her most recent job was at Oracle. She loved the people and the culture there.  

Christina married Aaron Kramer in 2006. They were divorced in 2010. Last year she met Rich Mastin, whom she called her soul mate. Tragically, he died of a heart attack on January 2nd of this year, and her battle with bipolar disease became more intense, and proved ultimately fatal. 

The day she learned of Rich’s passing she was on her way to see Machu Picchu, her top bucket list item. Travelling, she said, “brought her joy.” A road trip with her friend Janet sparked an obsession with travel. She visited Ireland, Scotland, England, Barbados, Jamaica, France, Greece, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Peru. She was planning a trip to Spain, Portugal and Morocco with her friend, Becky, when her mind snapped and we lost her. 

Christina is survived by her parents Jane and Dewey Lybecker (his wife Kasandra), brothers Charlie (Lacey) and Dewey Jason Lybecker (Jasmyn), and many aunts, uncles and cousins. She had a “fur baby” named Chuisle (Kishla) who is comforting her mother now. She will be greatly missed by her family, co-workers, and friends.

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    I met Christina in 1993. She opened my mind to a wide range of music and style that I did not know existed before I met her. I heard an old song that I had not heard in probably 25 years and I thought back to where I first heard it and remembered her name. I did a little searching to possibly reconnect and stumbled across this, which saddened me. Although I only knew her briefly, she opened my eyes and mind to something new, for which I am forever grateful. Thank you, Christina. Rest In Peace.
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