Gregory Prentice Benson


Gregory Prentice Benson, born on March 28, 1990, passed away on January 4, 2024. He was the first child of Greg and Maria and the first of five grandchildren in the Benson family and the seventeenth grandchild in the Cardenas family.

Throughout his youth, Gregory loved school, soccer, music, and the outdoors.  As a musician he played both piano and guitar, even composing his own music.  Gregory attended the International Community School from 7th grade to graduation in 2008 where he excelled in an intense advanced placement curriculum.  His academic passions included music, math, science, and literature.  He attended Pacific Lutheran University where he planned to study math and music.  He only completed one quarter when on New Year’s Eve 2009, an encounter with drugs caused a cascade of events that led to ongoing mental health challenges that continued in cycles until his death.

At his best he was vibrant, witty, charming, and selfless.  His career was varied, with seasons in grocery, food service, landscaping and construction; he loved working with his brother, Donovan. He spoke fluent Spanish and it served to open so many friendships and as a bridge with people everywhere he went.  Gregory had a living faith and loved worshiping his Savior, Jesus.

Gregory is survived by parents, Greg and Maria, brother, Donovan (Tegan), sister Catherine, paternal grandparents, Stan and Gladie, and many, aunts, uncles, and extended family.  Gregory will be deeply missed by all who knew him, but we rest in the assurance that we will be reunited with him in eternity with our Lord and Savior!