Dave Roberts


David Idris Roberts passed on, at his Kirkland home, Dec 6, 2023 after complications after eye surgery, at age 93.

Dave's parents (Mary and D.I Roberts) home ended up being a servicemen's center, located in the Wallingford area of Seattle.  Dave graduated from Lincoln High. Servicemen, who were wounded and being treated, were happy for a home away from home.  Dave and his sister Grace learned to share, entertain, study the Bible, and get along with all kinds of personalities. It was a fun, enjoyable childhood filled with lots of people, music, good food, and photography.

Dave's first job was working for AL Symington at Malloy Manor Garage.  It led to a love of cars and his great mechanic friend, Dave Allen, from whom his son got his middle name.  Dave in later years enjoyed the VCCA, collecting over 25 classic vehicles over those years.  He enjoyed the car club friends and their cars.  He found the kind of hospitality and support he liked there and enjoyed observing all the stages of other's projects and sharing his latest undertaking.

Dave joined the Coastguard that ended up to be a good fit for him. Semper Paratus, "Being Always ready", the coast guard song, became Dave's life motto.  He was ready to serve all and drop everything to help any in an emergency. He did this all his life. Using his plumbing ability, led to helping friends, churches, and people in other countries. Trips usually involved plumbing and visiting with close missionary friends, the Schlener's at Port of Two Brother's in Brazil, and at their cabin in Bonners Ferry ID, Jenny Adams in remote mountainous area of Peru, Len Newell in Ifugao, Philippines (It was one of the 7 wonders of the world in National Geographic at the time), Ron and Davy Esson in Leyte, Philippines where he plumbed a small hospital,  David, his son, in Bolivia, (David was a missionary there, supported through the Norwegian government. Norway gives foreign aid money through missionaries).  He also plumbed two churches in the San Juan's. The Coastguard also led to a love of boating. He became a lifetime Queen City Yacht Club member.  He loved visiting the San Juan Islands (Deer, Friday and Roache Harbor) where his Mother grew up. Her Dad, last name "Cooper," which means barrel maker, was a Forman for the Tacoma & Roche Harbor Lime Company.  Dave's Grandpa was in charge of plants on San Juan and Orcas Islands that produced a new type of barrel (staveless barrel) in which the lime.was shipped and stored.

Dave met Betty while in the Coast Guard. They were a good team, married 69 years. Dave was a great Dad to David and Karen. His can-do attitude, plus his insistence on being prepared for an emergency, led to many an adventure.  He built 6 houses in his neighborhood, so the kids knew how. He led his kids by example. He restored many a thing by overlooking the mess and seeing what could be (burnt motorhome, burnt boat, wrecked vw into a dunebuggy, the jeep he drove at age 16). Many of these projects would not have happened without help from his various friends.

Dave worked for Hart plumbing for 35 years.  He plumbed housing developments and ran commercial jobs. He then worked for King County and City of Seattle as a Plumbing Inspector. Inspecting from Enumclaw to downtown Seattle high-rises. Those places triggered a whole host of memories for him that he loved to share. He usually could find some connection with others by his memories.  This led Dave to love donut shops, and groups of friends that he visited with most mornings.

Dave always made Sunday a day to worship his God and Savior Jesus. He characteristically prepared early to meet his maker and knew he needed someone to makeup for his many flaws. His Dad started a Bible study that became Bethany Baptist church in Kenmore.  When Dave moved to Kirkland, he joined that church and was involved in much of the construction. Dave was a member there until his kids were out of college. Dave quite often, invited home or on the boat, folks he met greeting at the church. The Bethany friends became some of his closest buddies  The last few years Dave and Betty met with Jack and Lois Durham weekly at Wendy's and called Dick Johnson just as much.

Dave enjoyed music. Although he was not as talented as his Dad, he still appreciated the poetic lyrics and musical arrangements due to his Welch poet heritage. His Welch Grandfather had a poet's chair award in Wales. Dave enjoyed the softer service at Cedar Park and sang out with gusto to Pastor Sue's song choices.  He was ushered from this world with quartet music from "Greater Vision".   He liked their music so much, they took a Caribbean cruise with them. We can't think of Dave without thinking of music.  The family would pile in the truck on Saturday-work day, and sing, on the way home, his repertoire of country and southern gospel songs..

Dave enjoyed family and chose to live near his in-laws in Kirkland, when moving from Wedgewood in Seattle. Judy and Jan (nieces) who lived next door were included and were welcomed to join in whenever.  His sister, Grace Bracher's family belonged to QCYC also, so many boat trips were taken with them. Dave had fun with the Grandkids and Great Grandkids. David and Patty lived next door till Jr High so Jennifer and Jessica would come down with their suitcase loaded with stuff to do or have Grandpa take them somewhere. Cara was babysat and taken to private school by Grandma and Grandpa while Karen was at work.  Dave was known in the neighborhood as the guy who walked the dog by having him walk along side a car. He usually drove a variety of different classic vehicles that short distance to keep them in good working order. He would pick up Cara at 5:45 am to be babysat and the dog would walk a few blocks to wear down his nails since he did not like them trimmed. Dave would then take the Irish setter, who liked to go in the car as much as Dave, somewhere.  It was funny to see his good looking, redheaded, co-pilot, going to get a donut or hamburgers. If the car didn't get a wave from onlookers, the dog did. The Great Grandkids - Elijah, Cali, Tino and Ella visited often. Little Eliza and Zoey did not live close but time hearing on the phone about them and being together was cherished.  Just before his death little Ella and Tino hopped up on Dave's bed to give him a hug and made a game out of seeing how high they could be raised up by the hoyer lift.  Dave didn't mind.  Although it did bother him that Ella would take one bite out of every cookie.

Dave really did love people and their unique stories. He would want to thank all his wonderful friends who made his life so meaningful. You compensated for his weaknesses, added laughter, interests, expanded his world, made hard times bearable and good times better. Hopefully, he did the same for you and will get the honor of greeting you at heaven's door.

A memorial service will be held at the Chapel of the Resurrection Funeral Home (located on the grounds of Cedar Park Church), January 27 at 2 pm, reception following. In the service there will be time for any of you to reflect on your interaction with Dave or add to his life story. It will be fun to hear from you.

  • Jessica (Posted: May 17, 2024)
    God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. <a href="">Obits</a>
  • Garlson russo (Posted: May 17, 2024)
    As the days and weeks pass, and as you return to life's routine, may you continue to feel comforted by the love and support of family and friends.
  • (Posted: January 27, 2024)
    I had the chance to explore Seattle and surrounding areas for the first time with Dave and Betty in 2007. Today, after watching "Grandpa Memorial Slideshow video" me and my family (in Bolivia) understood that Dave was a passionate man of Christ, a real misssionary and a hard worker. God bless his soul and his beautiful family. Diego, Paola and Caleb. 01/27/2024
  • Bill Barker, CDR USCGR Ret (Posted: January 03, 2024)
    When we moved into our new house 22 years ago, we discovered that one of the garage doors wouldn't raise up!!?? It was blocked by a PVC pipe running under the ceiling joists and served as a drain for the second floor deck. We had a lot of moving boxes that needed to be stored inside. Dave and Betty came over without me asking them. He showed his "Semper Paratus" attitude by grabbing an electric hole saw (which must have been his since ALL of my tools were packed) and proceeded to move the entire 15 feet of pipe UP into the joists. With that accomplished we were able to raise the door and get the boxes out of the weather. Selling a home and secretly keeping one garage door from being opened was a very tricky maneuver. But thanks to Dave he solved our worst problem in a time of stress. I'll never forget his act of kindness. Only years later did I learn that we both served in the Coast Guard. I took his action as one of kindness, which has been shared life-long by Betty. God bless them both.
  • Nick Vickers (Posted: December 15, 2023)
    Uncle Dave was the epitome of work ethic and steadfastness. I'm a Chevy man for life because of him. A giant of a man, both physically and spiritually; we already miss him terribly
  • Jennifer Roberts/Saint Clair (Posted: December 15, 2023)
    My Grandpa was an amazing man. I looked up to him in Mann ways and not only because of how tall he was. We had a good understanding for one another. I’m so happy I was able to spend much time with him o er the years. They are memories I will forever cherish. He touched many lives and made a significant difference in mine and my children’s lives. We already miss him dearly. Rest in heavenly peace Grandpa. We love you forever ❤️
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