Joseph Dale Thimsen


Born on March 4, 2000, Joseph Dale Thimsen, affectionately known as 'Joey', entered a world filled with love. Even as a child, his vibrant spirit shone brightly, full of wild energy and rambunctiousness. Seeking to channel this energy, his family enrolled him in karate and Boy Scouts, sparking a love for the outdoors that would follow him through life. He found joy in canoeing, fishing, hiking, and cooking food over an open flame, sharing these activities with his friends.

As Joey grew, so did his passion for physical sports. Wrestling and football became reflections of his identity. Always eager to improve, he engaged his family in football games and practiced wrestling moves on the trampoline with his friends.

Joey's emotional awareness was evident even from his early years. His sensitivity and intuition shone through, a golden hue that surrounded him when others revealed their vulnerability. His heart was a safe haven, generous, kind, and forgiving. Joey taught those around him that it was safe to be open and genuine, as he effortlessly let any infractions roll off him.

Upon entering young adulthood, Joey's life was transformed by the arrival of his daughter, Stella. His love for her consumed him. The last 4.5 years of his life were dedicated to providing her with the best life possible. Joey's commitment to his daughter was fervent and unyielding, their relationship marked by adventure walks, piggyback rides, and a shared love for the outdoors, regardless of weather.

Parallel to his love for the outdoors and his intuitive, forgiving nature, Joey nurtured a deep-seated artistic talent. Known as Hotboy Harlow in his musical endeavors, he passionately crafted lyrics and music. His dedication was such that his collection of lyrics and notes grew to the size of a dictionary by the time he was 23. He balanced his fatherly duties and his creative pursuits skillfully, often filling his backpack with snacks and a notebook, ready to pen his lyrics during outdoor excursions with Stella.

Joey's memory will forever be imprinted with his funny jokes, charming dimples, and his distinctive 'trot dancing' walk. He is remembered as a man with an expansive heart, who never hesitated to be a friend to those in need. We mourn the premature end of his journey, as he was taken from us at the young age of 23, unable to fully leave his intended legacy. We pray that all who were touched by Joey will honor his memory by heeding his wish for them: to LIVE BIG.
Joseph 'Joey' Dale Thimsen is survived by his daughter Stella; his mother, Nina; step-father, Jose; siblings Anthony, Victor, and Madison; his grandparents Peggy & Ronald (who preceded him in death on 6-19-11); and many loving aunts, uncles, and cousins. May he live on in our hearts and memories.

  • Nina Thimsen (Posted: June 17, 2023)
    Joey, love, It’s your mom. I miss you every day. If you can see inside my heart you know how much I’m hurting knowing you are gone forever. I love you so much, I can’t even say the words to express it- as if saying it doesn’t actually sum up how huge my love is for you. I will always love you. I will Embrace you in heaven.
  • Michael douglas (Posted: June 10, 2023)
    Hey Joe I going to miss your face in IOP..sorry for not texting you back right away..did not know how bad you were hurting..I'm Soo sorry for that..maybe if I answered you maybe things would be different..much love to you brother..RIP my freind
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